Chapter 8: Turn Browsers into Purchasers


There are two types of flows you can set up to convert more browsers into purchasers:

1. Browse Abandonment Flow. 

You can get all the details on how to set this up here, starting at the 20:15 mark.

Browse abandonment flows are targeted at people who are window shopping. If they’ve only looked at a product once, there is low buying intent, so you don’t want to overdo it. 1-2 emails are plenty.


If you want to get more advanced with this flow, you can set up a conditional split triggered by someone looking at products on your site 3+ times.


With this split, follow up emails can include the last product viewed and potentially a discount ladder, since the customer showed higher purchase intent.


Really good Browse Abandonment flows send different copy based on which product or product category was viewed, like specific product/categories reviews for example. This isn’t hard to do for a couple of main products, you’d just add a trigger split:


2. Add to Cart Abandonment Flow. 

This flow differs from the standard Abandoned Cart flow we talked about in Chapter 7, because it is triggered as soon as a user adds an item to their cart, rather than waiting until they begin checkout. Right now, this feature is only available for Shopify users.

To enable this flow trigger, you need to install some additional code to your Shopify store. You can learn how to do this here. You should be able to do this yourself for most Shopify themes, but if you have a custom theme, you can ask for help via Klaviyo Support, Carson, or other developers. While it’s not out of the box for other themes, it should be a minor task for anyone familiar with CSS markup — a 10-15 minute task for a web developer to identify the necessary change and embed on your page.

You’ll find this pre-built flow in the flow library:


You’ll want to follow a similar approach here with your email content as you would with an Abandoned Cart, and automatically include a Dynamic Product image.


You can run both an Add to Cart and a Browse Abandonment flow but to avoid customers getting emails from both, add the filter “Added to Cart zero times since starting this flow” to your Browse Abandonment flow.

Some top-performing browse abandonment subject lines include:

  • We saw you checking up out
  • Did you see something you like?
  • Recommended just for you
  • We picked these items just for you!
  • This week’s top sellers
  • These top-selling/(name of category) items are going fast
  • Shopping for (category)?