Expert AMA With Alex Afterman: Facebook Ads

Expert Guide Alex Afterman is joining us to answer all your pressing questions about Facebook advertising.

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The recording of this call has not yet been uploaded.

Alex Afterman is an Expert Guide in the membership and a Facebook Ads wizard. We had such a popular session with him in February that we’re bringing him back again Live in April for a follow-up session.

Alex will be sharing any updates to what he’s seeing working on Facebook and answer any of your platform-related questions.

Come prepared to share your screen if you would like Alex to dive into your account.

You can submit your questions in advance by replying below.


  • Date & Time: Wednesday, April 6 at 3 pm CST
  • This is a Zoom Meeting so everyone is encouraged to have cameras on.
  • Try to keep your questions specific. If you’re too vague it can be hard to provide clear advice that applies to your situation.
  • Questions submitted in the thread linked below will be prioritized on the call.