Chapter 11: Encourage Repeat Purchases When the Time is Right


With the release of Klaviyo’s predictive analytics, the ability to reach your customers when they’re primed to re-purchase has increased dramatically.

What you’d traditionally set up as a Win-Back or Triple-Double flow, you can now trigger based on Klaviyo’s predicted date of next order analytics.

You’ll find the Repeat Purchase Nurture Flow in the Klaviyo flow library.


The trigger for this flow is the customer’s Expected Date of Next Order, which Klaviyo determines by using a customer’s past purchases to predict when their next purchase will occur. For this predictive analytics flow to work, you need to have at least 500 customers who have placed an order.


If a customer doesn’t have a past purchase history to inform the predictive analytics, Klaviyo will make a prediction based purchase cadence data from other customers. So, the more data you have collected across all customers, the better.

When setting up the Repeat Purchase Nurture Flow, you’ll have the option to either trigger the flow on the exact day of the Expected Date of Next Order or to trigger before that date.


I recommend setting the flow to trigger a week prior to the expected date of re-order so you can start the conversation with them and get them primed to buy.

There are a couple of options for splitting up this flow:

  • First time purchasers – encourage to purchase again, consider adding a discount/offer incentive
  • Repeat purchasers – send a check-in with some of your top products. Use the Dynamic Product Feed to vary the content and show current top sellers and/or trending products.
  • If you have a number of replenishable products, you could split based on SKU to send a reminder about the specific product the customer purchased, and consider adding an additional email with a recommended similar product to try something new.





It’s OK to keep it simple here with just 1-2 emails. This can completely replace your other Win-Back flow.

If you’re looking for some other ways you can use Klaviyo’s predictive analytics, check out this thread.